Temporary winter hours during the covid-19 pandemic
Monday—Friday 10-7 Saturday  10-6 Sunday 11-5 

Rehearsal Space half price before 3PM Mon- Friday
We rent small teaching studios with or with out electric drum sets and or pianos or keyboards suitable for 1-2 persons for practice or lessons then we have a large rehearsal space complete with drum set, P.A. system, keyboard, guitar and bass amps etc. This room is great for band practice, jamming and or auditioning new members to your band. Regular price is only $10 an hour for small practice rooms and large rehearsal space is only $25 an hour. The half price offer is for any time before 3PM during the week. The half price offer is also offered for the small practice studios during the week before 3PM and all day Sunday 11-5. Contact our lessons department to book your time. Perfect practice makes perfect. Victor Litz Music 301-948-7791


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Practice and Rehearsal Room Rentals

Rehearsal Space

Rehearsal room rentals for complete band From $25 per hour

Rehearsal Space room available for the entire band.  This is a large band room complete with a drum set, keyboard, P.A. system, guitar and bass amps etc.  No volume limits.

Practice studios

Practice room rentals from $10 per hour

The Victor Litz Music teaching studios are now available for rent.  Rooms are clean, well lit, well supplied with everything you need.  Different rooms are equipped with acoustic pianos, digital pianos, electric drum sets, guitar and bass amps, music stands etc.  These practice rooms are intended for individual practice at low volume.  Book 1 practice session or book by the month.  Just $10 per hour..