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Music Lessons Available on All Instruments ~ All Levels ~ All Styles

Victor Litz Music offers fun friendly private lessons that yield tangible results. Private lessons are available on most instruments including drum, guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, banjo, ukulele, voice, brass, woodwinds, string orchestral instruments and more. Whether you are the parent of an excited beginner or are a skilled veteran looking to take your playing to the next level, whether you dream of playing a violin concerto or a blues lick Victor Litz Music has the right teacher and program for your individual needs. We offer diverse lessons for students of all skill levels in every genre. At Victor Litz Music we aspire to make your lessons an enjoyable educational experience. We strive to assist each student in achieving his or her goals while becoming proud well rounded musicians who share our passion for the art. Lessons are $30-$40 per week depending on teacher.
Music Lessons admin available by phone 10-6 Monday thru Friday 10-3 Saturday 301-948-7791

  • Dale Kotler - Bass and Guitar
  • Dan Rynders -Electric Bass, Acoustic/ Classical Guitar, Ukulele & Piano
  • Dennis Gordon - Drums, Organ, Piano
  • Frank Cassel - Banjo
  • Gary Edenfield - Ukulele
  • Grace Kulvatunyou - Violin and Piano.
  • Igor Kozlov - Piano, Keboards, Drums, Percussion
  • John Zahn - Guitar and Bass
  • Kevin Burnes - Guitar and Piano
  • Mike Litz - Drum set and Snare Drum
  • Nakisa Karimian - Violin, Cello, Viola, Piano
  • Nancy Switkes - Woodwinds, Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute
  • Nani Lowery - Ukulele
  • Nathan Stern - guitar  
  • Russell Graham - Violin, Viola, Trombone
  • Terry Marshall - Piano, Keyboard
  • Tim Guilliams - guitar and vocal
  • Wesley Abdill -  Guitar, Bass, Voice
  • Kathryn Fisher - Piano and flute
  • Jonathan Cornejo— Guitar 
  • ​Sonja Hamilton— Piano and Vocals 
  • Amir Ahmadi:  Guitar, Electric Bass, Piano

I am Grace.  I am one of the piano and violin teachers here at Victor Litz Music. I have been with Victor Litz Music since 2019. I started my first piano lesson when I was in the sixth grade, and started the violin even earlier! The more time I spent with my instruments, the more I fell in love and passionate about them.  I love to pass my love of music on to my students.  Music is fun and there are lots of ways to express your feeling through it.

        I  received my music certificate from Trinity College of London and MS Education from Penn State University. I taught at the Yamaha music school when I was a college student.  Then at a private studio after I graduated.
         I am now back at Victor Litz Music for in person music lessons. If you would like try music lessons with me please contact the Victor Litz Music lessons department at 301-948-7478 lessons@victorlitz.com