Nakisa Karimian –  Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano.

Specializes in Classical music: traditional and Suzuki methods.  Over 16 years of experience teaching violin, viola, cello and piano at Victor Litz. Born and raised in Iran, graduated from Conservatory of Music School of Tehran and completed her studies in Spain and later at University of Maryland. Nakisa is a member of the National Music Teachers Association.

Frank Cassel

Banjo Teacher, flute, piano and more.  Offering 1/2 hour and 1 hours lessons

Frank Cassel has been a performing musician, songwriter, and teacher in the Washington, DC area for many years. He plays guitar, flute and 5-string banjo professionally, specializing in folk, bluegrass and original music. He is well known in the Washington, DC area as an entertaining and engaging performer.

Frank studied banjo with some great players, including Fred Geiger and Mike Munford (recently IBMA banjo player of the year and member of the Grammy nominated (2016) band Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen.  He has played guitar professionally for over thirty years solo, and in various bands.  He was in the orchestra pit for a Stage show at the Wax Museum theater playing flute as well as guitar and banjo.  He also wrote and performed music on those three instruments for the Primary Movers children's dance group, and Modern Dancer Carol Tester.  During the last five years he has taught beginning piano to the children of a number of families in NWDC, as well as flute, and guitar.  He has consistently taught 5-string banjo privately over a number of years.  

Kevin Burnes – Guitar & Piano.  Rock, Classical, Jazz, Fusion and Metal. Over 23 years teaching.  From beginning to advanced. Focus on foundational development with music reading and theory along with emphasis on composition and advanced soloing and improvisation technique. A.A. in Music Composition from Montgomery College.  Performs and provides studio session work for national and local bands and studios. Performed with Dokken and Joe Lynn Turner.

Navya Gautam—Viola, Violin, Piano:  As an accomplished musician at an early age,  Navya received numerous music and education awards, such as Junior Musician Award from MSMTA, as well as traveling to perform in New Orleans, professional settings & performances.  Navya is with the Potomac Valley Youth Orchestra, Co-principal violist in the Young Artists of America  Orchestra, violist in Chamber Orchestra to name a few.  She is a leader & organizer of Music/Dance camps and with performing musical sing-alongs.  Navya teaches for the enjoyment of sharing her love of music.  She is studying to become a doctor but will always have the enthusiasm to share the benefit of music in the community.  She does Traditional and Suzuki styles of teaching.  You will learn to read music, learn technique and enjoy playing, whether for strings or piano.  She will get you ready for performances! 

Michael Litz—Drum Set, Snare—Including Jazz, Rock, Pop, Ska, Reggae styles & more.  Over 15 years experience studying, performing & recording.  Offering private lessons @ Victor Litz or in the home.   Studies drum with, and biggest influence:  Steve Larrance, Professional/Freelance Drummer & Instructor.

Music Lessons Available on All Instruments ~ All Levels ~ All Styles

Victor Litz Music offers fun friendly private lessons that yield tangible results. Private lessons are available on most instruments including drum, guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, banjo, ukulele, voice, brass, woodwinds, string orchestral instruments and more. Whether you are the parent of an excited beginner or are a skilled veteran looking to take your playing to the next level, whether you dream of playing a violin concerto or a blues lick Victor Litz Music has the right teacher and program for your individual needs. We offer diverse lessons for students of all skill levels in every genre. At Victor Litz Music we aspire to make your lessons an enjoyable educational experience. We strive to assist each student in achieving his or her goals while becoming proud well rounded musicians who share our passion for the art. Lessons are $30-$40 per week depending on teacher.
Music Lessons admin available by phone 11-8 Monday thru Friday 10-3 Saturday 301-948-7478

Music Lessons

Terry Marshall – Piano, Keyboard.  Jazz, Swing, Standards, Classical, Pop, Gospel.   Students will build self esteem, confidence, and discipline through proper practice and technique.  Has degree in Speech Communication and Music Education.  Over 15 years teaching. Musical director; instructs master classes.  Prepares students for competitions.

  • Dale Kotler - Bass and Guitar
  • Dan Rynders -Electric Bass, Acoustic/ Classical Guitar, Ukulele & Piano
  • Dennis Gordon - Drums, Organ, Piano
  • Frank Cassel - Banjo
  • Gary Edenfield - Ukulele
  • Grace Kulvatunyou - Violin and Piano.
  • Hunter Hudson: Guitar, Voice, Piano
  • Igor Kozlov - Piano, Keboards, Drums, Percussion
  • John Zahn - Guitar and Bass
  • Jesse Meman
  • Kevin Burnes - Guitar and Piano
  • Max Welker: Guitar, Piano, violin/viola, trumpet, trombone/euphonium (baritone horn) bass guitar, drums, vocal
  • Mike Litz - Drum set and Snare Drum
  • Nakisa Karimian - Violin, Cello, Viola, Piano
  • Nancy Switkes - Woodwinds, Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute
  • Nani Lowery - Ukulele
  • Nathan Stern - guitar  
  • Russell Graham - Violin, Viola, Trombone
  • Terry Marshall - Piano, Keyboard
  • Tim Guilliams - guitar and vocal
  • Wesley Abdill -  Guitar, Bass, Voice

Gary Edenfield— Private & Group Uke:  Things you’ll learn:  To keep a steady rhythm, start with a handful of chords.  Simple and catchy melodies, use very few chords.  If you’d rather just sing, that’s great!  If you’d rather just strum, wonderful! If you can sing and strum, go for it.  Everyone can be successful!  Everyone loves the uke!  Pop songs, Hawaiian, songs that you grew up with!  Even one of the most popular uke songs today,  ‘Hey Soul Sister’!

Nancy Switkes – Bassoon, Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet.  Classical, Jazz.  Enthusiastic instructor who motivates students of any age by bringing out each individual’s maximum potential.  Liberal Arts Degree.  Over 30 years teaching experience.  Teaching with Victor Litz since 1993.  Performs with big bands, musicals, ensembles, orchestras & currently with The Georgetown Quintet.  

Quinn Kirk—Brass:  Trumpet, Baritone, Tuba, French Horn and Mellophone.  Also teaches guitar. 
Trumpet—pro level
Baritone—intermediate level
Tuba—intermediate level
Fr Horn—intermediate level
Mellophone– semi pro level
Started on trumpet then worked his way towards the other brass instruments.  Quinn teaches students the way he learned with even more current learning tools.  Important for brass students, is to work on their breathing and their embouchure to perfect their sound with ease.  Quinn is a very patient instructor.  Students will work at their own pace for better learning and understanding music.  Students will work towards the music style/genre the student requests. 
Guitar—Melodic Metal, Punk, Pop, Blues, Classic Rock.  A real guitar shredder!  Shredding combines different guitar techniques (tapping, legato, sweep picking, etc.) with extremely technical guitar skills, and is expressed most spectacularly during extremely fast solos where diverse techniques can be performed.  With guitar, students will learn to read tab.  Learn to transcribe and to learn the songs they want to learn. 

Dan Rynders – Electric Bass, Acoustic/Classical Guitar, Ukulele, & Piano Fundamentals. Performing around MD/DC/VA for 10+ years, and playing music since early grade school. A.A. in Electric Bass with a focus in Jazz Performance.  All styles specializing in Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock, Fusion, R&B, Folk, and some Classical.  Emphasis on developing well rounded musicians, as well as getting people of all ages from children to adults started playing music right away. Developing a strong understanding of theory, ear training, elements of melody and harmony, modes and exotic scales. Material selected is based on students’ ability.

We are excited to have Grace return to teach!  She is now teaching on Mondays!  Get back on her schedule or if you are new to the area, Grace is the Violin or Piano instructor for you!

Grace Kulvatunyou—Violin and Piano.  Ms. Kulvatunyou’s 20-year teaching experiences have allowed her to interact with all kinds of students ranging from elementary to high school children, adult and special-needs children.  She has been teaching private piano & violin lessons since 2000 and also an instructor for the after-school music programs in MoCo Public schools.  Prior to this,  taught at the Yamaha Music School since 1996.  Graduated MS in Education from Penn State University (State College, PA) and received a Piano certificate from Trinity College of London.  I love playing music as much as I love teaching music.  I believe that it is a life-long companion.  I am passionate and dedicated to teaching because I believe that all kids can learn and enjoy music and because I would love for music to be their life-long companion as well.  Additional, I have experiences organizing events such as recitals and preparing children for music exams.  I am also currently an accompanist for the Metropolitan Ballet Theater.  I am patient and commit to my lessons and students progress; it is rewarding to see how much they learn to be confident to perform in public and for family during the recitals.

Nathan Stern—

Current Music Major at Montgomery College.  Over 10 years playing experience with a few years teaching experience now. Nate started at Victor Litz Music taking private lessons and joined the Academy of Rock bands at Litz Music.  Nate also studied guitar with Mr. Dan Grande from G’burg HS.  Performances include church band, gigging with his rock bands, and more!  Although my appreciation for music extends across all genres from Jazz to Hip Hop to Country to Pop to Metal, I specialize in teaching beginning guitar for those with an aptitude to learn Rock, Blues, Reggae or Pop.  As an instructor I tailor my lessons to the student based on their skill level, but more importantly their musical interest.  Having taken theory from as early as ninth grade, and resuming my basic theory study, I possess the skills to teach any beginning guitar student the basics of the instrument.  Although I prefer to begin teaching by feel and by ear based on the students’ interest, I am not opposed to teaching from a book should they require a structured lesson.  My goal as always Is to translate my love of music to meet whatever simple or diverse needs a student may have upon deciding that they’d like to play guitar.  I enjoy sharing and working with students of all ages.

John Zahn – Electric & Acoustic Guitar,  all levels through advanced.  Provides instruction of all Scales, Harmony, Rhythm Study, Soloing Techniques, Improvisation, Performance & Theory.  Classic Rock, Blues, R&B, Country, Reggae.   Experienced performer  on the guitar.  He studied with Jack Cassidy of Jefferson Airplane and renowned guitarist Tom Guernsey.  Full Time Instructor at Victor Litz Music Center since 1978.  3000 songs transcribed.  Also teaches Bass guitar


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Russell Graham—Trombone.Violin, strings,  Music Composition Major @ Berklee College of Music in Boston, Music Performance @ Lawrence Un. in Wisconsin.  Teaching since 2005.  Teaching @ Filmore Arts Center since 2007.  Memberships:  Suzuki Assoc. of Greater Washington, Soulful Symphony Orchestra, Local 161-710 Musicians Union.  Performances include venues inside & out of USA.  A classically trained musician that has introduced Jazz to the  trombone and violin.  Also teaches violin & viola.

Nani Lowery—From Hawaii, for over 40 years, Nani, is a self taught ukulele player. My teaching style three fold:1)  listening to  learn  2) good chord transition techniques and 3) economy of motion with strumming.  To keep students interests, we choose songs that they want to learn besides songs that would help them in their learning.  Does not do much  music theory.  Concentration is for beginner ukulele players through intermediate lessons.  Individual and group lessons are available with Nani.  She leads the Monthly Maryland Ukulele Jam that meets in Gaithersburg and also leads the Litz Ukulele Club.  

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Max Welker:
Guitar, Piano, violin/viola, trumpet, trombone/euphonium (baritone horn) bass guitar, drums, vocal coaching, ukulele. 30 years as private music teacher with 40 years experience as professional musician. Music major (brass, Montgomery College, Rockville, MD. Studied with Bill Potts (jazz big band- guitar, modern recording techniques, including Tori Amos' very first 8-track demo), Ervin Klinkon (music theory/ piano), Ernest Wolfle (brass - trombone, euphonium/ baritone horn)... pit orchestra performances (guitar) - dinner theater, pedagogy seminars (piano). Has played in ensembles of everything from bluegrass, big band, jazz fusion, rock, wedding, polka, Latin/disco, blues, classical).
Mission Statement: It's gotta be fun! Whether I'm teaching young people or performing with seasoned professionals, I like to keep the atmosphere relaxed, light-hearted, always with a sense of humor, compassion, and understanding... The "iron first in the velvet glove" and "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar" approach has worked for me for over 30 years, and I've had a number of dedicated students go on to become excellent musicians.

Dennis Gordon – Piano, Keyboard, Organ, & Drums.  Specializes in Jazz, Rock, Blues, Pop, some Classical.  Emphasizes technique, rhythm, reading, melody, harmony, theory, and two-hand coordination.  Goal is for the student to progress and understand musical concepts while practicing regularly.  Teaching certificate from Towson.  More than 28 years teaching experience;.  Teaching with Victor Litz since 1992.

Jesse Meman
 All Saxophones, Flute Clarinet, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele & Harmonica  
Customized curriculum for each student's individual musical needs.                                                  

BA B.A. from St. Mary’s College in 1981 where he studied sax & flute, and post-graduate classes in Music Ed. from George Mason Un. Jesse offers strong teaching skills, coupled with years of experience in big bands, jazz combos, pit orchestras, and top 40 bands. His philosophy is that teaching music rudiments on sax, clarinet, flute and guitar to beginners produces students who are successful in orchestra and band, and will afford adults the knowledge and confidence to perform at parties with friends, and even open-mic sessions! Advanced study with an emphasis on jazz band, improvisation  and solo performance is his forte. He works with students of all ages, focusing on nurturing their skills and interests in music.  Throughout his musical career, Jesse has combined his experience, education and love of teaching.

Hunter Hudson: Guitar, Voice, Piano. Hunter will assist the student in developing their 'own' musical abilities. You will learn music theory and composition while enjoying the art of learning to play or sing. Hunter started playing guitar and singing at age 9. His interest is jazz, however he grew up at Victor Litz Music playing with the Rock Band Programs. He is now working on his Bachelor's in Composition at Shepherd Un. He also works in theater and music production. As a choir president and section leader, he instructed choir members as well as led his vocal section for 3 years. Hunter can help students write and play various standards, read lead sheets, and perform solos. He composed a four part musical score for high school. Has organized performances & entered the choir in competitions. Hunter wants to share his love of music and creativity.

Igor Kozlov—Percussion, Drums, Piano—Over 25 years teaching drums, timpani, cymbals, bells xylophone & piano.  MA, BA Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory of Music.    Performances include countries such as Austria, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina, Peru, and US (Carnegie Hall).  Experience teaching from students starting at age 6.  Fluent in English & Russian.

Kaya Crespo -  Student at G’burg HS high school with a passion for music and the Ukulele.  Took private lessons on guitar and drums.  Enjoys all genres of music.  Gentle with kids, and supportive of their efforts. Interested in encouraging others in their musical pursuits.  
A bit about Kaya:  Performed in front of (Pro) Ukulele adults at Ukefest.   1 Year of guitar lessons in high school. 2 years of chorus.  Accepted into MCYC (Montgomery County Youth Choir). Volunteer work at churches. Volunteer work for Transcen (An organization focused on the rights of persons with disabilities).  Makes & sells hand crafted items.  Loves to sing and play Ukulele!

Tim Guilliams - guitar and vocal
Tim is a guitar and vocal instructor. He has been working with teen bands since 2007. Show directing and starting an Adult Program, working for the next 7 years. Tim brings extensive knowledge of live performance and practical application of vocal training having studied voice and performed frequently throughout his entire career..

Wesley Abdill – 6, 7, and 12 strings, acoustic and electric guitars. Vocal coaching.  All styles, specializing in Classical, Rock, Metal, Fusion, and Instrumental.  Emphasizes a strong foundation and developing overall musicianship.  Focuses on theory, ear-training, reading, technique, and expressive performance soloing.  A.A. in Teacher Education, bachelors Degree in Classical Guitar Performance, Towson.  Teaching for over 18 years.  ACADEMY of ROCK Instructor.

Dale Kotler – Electric Bass & Guitar.  Jazz, Rock, Funk, Pop, Blues, some classical and more.  More than 25 years professional experience in performance and teaching.  Versatile in many styles and techniques.  Gives students a strong foundation in the fundamentals of bass playingwhich will allow them the freedom to improvise and create solid bass lines to compliment any style of music.   A patient & accommodating teacher.  (AA) Degree in Performance. 

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