This year, Victor Litz Music Center in Olde Town Gaithersburg is celebrating 60 years in business.

Founder Victor Litz, an accountant and musician in the Washington Metro area, opened Victor Litz Music in Olde Towne Gaithersburg in 1961.  He taught private lessons at the music store as well group lessons for the City of Gaithersburg.

In the late 1960s, the store moved to a new location at 305 N. Frederick Avenue.  This location was an old house that they worked out of for nearly 30 years. Eventually they out-grew the building and opened a showroom down the street at 506 N. Frederick Ave while the other location held the music lessons.

In 1999 they moved to their current location at 306 E Diamond Ave in Olde Town Gaithersburg, formerly a Ben Franklin craft store.

Victor Litz is a family business.  In the early 1980’s, Victor’s children Tony and Terry Litz took over the day to day operations.  They started a mail order business (long before the internet) which gave them the the ability to buy and sell in volume.

Today Victor Litz Music is still run by Tony and Terry, as well as 3rd generation family members Michael and Logan Litz, accomplished musicians themselves.

When asked how the business has adapted during the pandemic, Tony Litz told us, “Music lessons are almost all virtual/on-line and that part of the business has taken a big loss.  Our school band instrument business has also dropped way off due to schools being closed for in school teaching.  We have shortened our hours closing earlier as not many in house music lessons.”

Victor Litz Music also sells used gear and in past the 10-20 years have increased their vintage inventory.  They have instruments that are highly collectible that range from $500 to $40,000.

“Our retail sales have stayed strong with a verity of ways of conducting business.  Retail sales store is open with social distancing, we offer a curb service, a FREE local delivery program for same day home deliveries, mail order shipping world wide thru phone sales, website and 3rd party selling platforms.” said Litz.

Riding the wave of the vinyl comeback, Victor Litz Music recently bought out a used record and cd store, now located in the back of their showroom.

“We have been very blessed and fortunate to stay solvent during these crazy times due to the support of our long standing wonderful customers and staff members from our teachers and employees that are all friends and  like family to us.  We live eat and sleep music and it would not be able to do it with out all of them.”

Roger Hooper
Phenomenal store!!!!

Monica Re
Aww my first two violins came from there. We got mi kiddo a few hand instruments there and most recently his launchpad. If he could live inside this store, he would!

Marian Clagett Trott
Great memories!

Janine Craig
In so glad they have survived. Still not the same since they moved to Ben Franklin location.. but still iconic

Jessica Whitehall
I'll never forget his kids bullying me in highschool  [🤣]

Roger Butt
Used to live right around the corner on N. Summit Ave. Bought a bass guitar there.  [👍]

Lexis Sinclair
My old stomping grounds. I used to work next door at Hair That Rocks.

Caitlin Wiggington
I used to work there. Tony and the family/ gang are awesome folks! I’ve proudly taught a lot of students there!!!!

Rob Carpenter
My first trumpet came from VL, 1968

Jeff McCasland
My 3 kids had lessons there, we’re fans.

Tracy Renehan-Potocko
Spent a lot of time there. Had 4 kids taking lessons.

Jarrett Fannon
The band Litz is good too.

Bruce Hulvey
Good knowledgable folks. Highly recommend.

Top Fan
Anita Ann Alcorn
I took lessons at the old location in Gburg on 355. My daughter took lessons at the current location.

Selja Byr
I took guitar lessons with Mr. Litz in the early '70s.

Helen Voulgarakis
Went there many times. Wow

Cindy Shamlian
Rented my clarinet from them 5th-9th grade. 1979!

Mark Baird
Good guys in there. I bought 
Dillon Baird
 a lefty SG Classic at that store about twenty years ago. He was 12 or so..he still has it.

Duane Donyellah Shelton
U sure cuz that use to be Ben franklins back in the day

Rip Helton
Where I learned to play  [🎸] . 25 years ago... [👴🏻]

Sadie Campbell
I took flute lessons there when they were in Glenmont.

Patty Davis
, still in touch with your friend??

Doug Pope
Took lessons there 50+ years ago

Annastazia Unce
Got my first clarinet from here!

David Fishpaw
Bought stuff here

Harvey Nussbaum
Mazel Tov to the Litz family...

Jimmy Gold
I will offer another 
Mazel Tov
 to the Litz family as well. You guys are all fantastic and such a pleasure to deal with.. Heres to another 60 years.  [👍] [🎼] [🎸] [🥁] [🎤] .

Phil Badell
 I was just saying to my bandmate that there are only a few stores left that really mean something to me and I mentioned yours. Congratulations  [🎉]

Vinny Colbert
Wow I’ve been going there for 40 years now. 16 when I bought my first used ABPrecident Amp. Started my Dj Company with that and a pair of Huge CV speakers.

Tony Litz
Vinny Colbert
 I remember your first phone call been like family ever since

Vinny Colbert
I kept the shell of the amp. It’s in my basement

Trish Haggerty Sigler
Congratulations  [‼️]

Ron Resnick
Congrats Tony! I took drum lessons there many, many years ago.

Brian Mcgonigal
I first went to Litz Music when they were on 355.....1990-91....

Deborah Brenk Thrasher
I rented a flute from Victor Litz in 1974. Man I am old!

Michael Tash
Tony Litz
! Congrats! I took my 1st lessons in '79 or so at Del Marcado, bought an amp in Glenmont, hung out with Barry at the Wheaton store, bought strings at the original house location in Gaithersburg and proudly played an Epiphone showcase a… 
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Mark Nelson

Mark Fekete
[Daily Duncan Vol. 1 Rock On, man saying "Rock On" sticker]

Carolann Gaither McHenry
That's awesome  [👏]  Congratulations!!

Ray Patricks
Congratulations!!  [🎉]  cheers to you and the family. and jeff.

Bob Clay
Dang, has it been that long? I remember attending two free group lessons when your Dad (Vic) brought 6 guitars to the Gaithersburg Civic Center summer program in 1965. Since then, I've bought numerous guitars, basses and ukuleles from 
Victor Litz Music
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[Avatar smiling and holding bunting that spells out the word congrats, written in orange and blue, with orange and blue confetti in the background]

Shirley Mills-Turpen
Congratulations! [❤️]

Shirley Mills-Turpen
I remember from way, way back when your Dad ran it in old town Gaithersburg.

Sheree Mason Thoburn
Congratulations on 60 Great years!

Maria Balcells
Yay, VLMC!!! So proud I got to work in 3 of those locations!

Charles Flannery
[No photo description available.]

Julie Salins Kennedy
Congratulations Tony!

Razzle Markel
Amazing !!!! here is to another 60 great years !!!!

Razzle Markel
Tony sold me this guitar in 1985 and I still have her and she still gets some stage time  [🙂]  \m/ \m/ She has been my favorite for a long time - Thanks Litz Music  [🙂]
[May be an image of ‎guitar and ‎text that says '‎ম arshall larshall م‎'‎‎]

Eddie EJ Jackson
 Tony and Beth. Victor Litz Music is truly a Maryland institution.

Roger Hooper
[👏🏻] [👏🏻] [👏🏻] [👏🏻] [👏🏻] [👏🏻] [👏🏻] [👏🏻]

John Beall
Congratulations Tony!

Jay Spencer
Where’s Bernie?

Vic Rasa
 on all your successes!!!

Sharon Johnson
Congrats tony

Leslie Piwowarczyk
 Tony and the rest of the Litz family

Robbie Robinson
60 wonderful years, much love to you guys.

Russell Graham
Oh wow! 

Lisa Anderson

Stephen Tober
Congratulations  [‼️]

Brian Keith Gross
best to the entire family ! huge kudos

Robert Thomas Frick
Love it, your dad taught me to play the trumpet in 74.

Sharon Ricketts Bellosi
Congratulations  [🍾]

Diane Gloyd

Chris Arant
Congrats Tony and family!

Andy Spagnolo
Congratulations Tony!!!

Mike Gordon
Congratulations!!  [🎉] [🎈] [🎊]

Shaun Alan McDonald

Frank Ciavarro
Awesome, Tony!

Billy Herrington
Nice...i remember taking drum lessons in the shop in Wheaton? Probably before Tony was born... Bill Chester ring a bell 
Tony Litz

Jerry Lynn

Victor Litz Music Center Victor Litz Music Center in Gaithersburg Blog

Victor Litz Music is a family owned and operated and has been in business since 1961.  We feel we are the most accommodating music store in the business.  We offer music lessons, rentals, repairs and a lot more.  We buy, sell and trade new, used and vintage musical instruments of all kinds. 
We offer lessons on just about any instrument you can think of.  Our lessons studios have 18 private teaching studios as well as a group band room that we offer our Academy of Rock program in.  This room is also available for rent as rehearsal space. 
We are open 7 days a week to serve you.
We guarantee the lowest price in the country on everything we sell.  If we don’t have what you are looking for in stock chances are we can special order it for you.  We stock a huge selection of guitars, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, keyboards, band and orchestral instruments, pro sound, DJ, lighting, drums and percussion and so much more. 
Our staff is here to help you with friendly helpful service.  We are never pushy.  We let you shop, take your time and enjoy our 55 years of  experience and selection.  It is not about what we tell you or say to you that you will remember.  It is how we make you feel that you will remember. 
 If you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to call us or email us as our products are being uploaded over the next few weeks.  Thank you for visiting out new Victor Litz Music website.


From TV John

I have had several wonderful dreams about your family, and I am very grateful for the positively amazing impacts that your family has and continues to have on my music career. I always enjoyed talking with your Dad Victor Litz, a true musical expert. And then, in 2003, your 14-year-old son Austin performed in my son Gary's concerts in the basement of my house! Austin went on to arrange and sing more than 20 of my dream albums! Austin continues recording my dream songs in my basement to this day! Your son Billy's performance on my tv show was truly stellar! I was delighted when Billy's "HUSTLE SOULS" band came to me in a dream! Billy can tell you about my subsequent dream song recording! And then there are your twins Michael and Logan! Michael recorded drums on several of my dream songs in my basement! Myself a twin, I always enjoy working with you, Logan, Michael and your staff at Victor Litz Music store in Gaithersburg, Maryland! Our community really appreciates your family's outstanding contributions to our community. I encourage everyone to take his/her music interests to ! And your music store is a musical landmark for our community. Thanks again and again.

An email we received  11-9-2017

Hello, Victor Litz Music! My wife stumbled across your site today and, knowing that I grew up not far from Gaithersburg, asked me if I had ever heard of your store. I had an instant wave of nostalgia: I grew up in Clarksburg in the 1970s, when downtown Clarksburg was just a general store, a post office, a gas station and a bank. I was a teenager in 1975 when I first went into Victor Litz, when the shop was located in the old house on 355, and rented a Harmony 5-string banjo. Every three months or so I would come to the store to buy strings, and I would always enjoy speaking, however briefly, with the cool people (musicians!) who worked in the shop. And the smell and the sound of the old house is something I remember even today. I remain a lifelong musician (banjo, accordion, piano, dobro), due in no small part to Victor Litz. I have not been back to Clarksburg or Gaithersburg in decades, but I am glad to know that you're still around! Very sincerely, Geoff Freed


Victor, I got the Epiphone Mastebuilt this afternoon. It exceeded all expectations. Great bass and mid-range tones and the high register has a reverb ring to it. You guys have a satisfied customer for life. Thanks again. Roy Peiser, Virginia Beach, Va. 

A recent note from a long time family friend
If it weren't for your Dad's shop, and the lessons I took there (50 years ago), there's no way I would have the career I have enjoyed ever since.

Thank you, Tony. I loved your father. It was an honor to have known him. His legacy comes front-and-center every time I "count off four" at the beginning of every Louis Prima show.

Peace. Love. Music. Family.

Thank you so much for hooking me up with'a 5 Channel Mix5. I tested a wonderful device. I can actually monitor Audio out Live,,,for me, the best....Floor help almost immediate and willing to take the extra mile, I am very happy with the purchase and will definitively will be back for anything else in the future. Have a Great Holiday Season...!!!!

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Monday—Friday 10-7 Saturday  10-6 Sunday 11-5