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How to Violin

$99 for 9 months

  Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Violin,     Viola, Snare drum or Bell kit
   9 months plan-$99 for 9 months
  1 month plan- $25.99 per month

  Upgrade Intermediate Instruments or New Instrument rentals  available on a very limited basis such as wood clarinets, antique violins  and violas $169.95 for 9 month

Trumpet rentals can be substituted with cornet.  The cornet plays exactly like the trumpet however the cornet  and carrying case are smaller and lighter and easier to handle.

How to Trumpet

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Victor Litz Music offers Band and Orchestral instrument rentals on a rent with option to buy basis.  We offer the most competitive rates and the most innovative plans in the business. Rent for 1 month or 9 months at a time. After the first 9 months get the next summer months rent free with the payment of the next 9 months rent. All rent applies toward purchase plus we offer a 20% early payoff discounts on the balance to purchase. No deposit required with a major credit card on the 9 month program.   

How to Saxophone

Frequently asked questions

Rental requirements 

Must have a drivers license and major credit card.  No deposit required with a major credit card on 9 month rentals. The credit card must have an expiration date at least 1 year past the first years rent.  $50 deposit required on 1 month rentals with major credit card.  Minimum 9 month rental plus a $100 deposit on rentals done with check/debit card.

Rental Purchase
Does the rent apply toward the purchase?
Yes 100% of all of the rent paid applies toward purchase

Can we exchange instruments?
Yes if you have damage coverage there is not a  charge to exchange and or switch to another instrument.  This is limited to one free exchange per year.  If a student or parent wants to exchange multiple times per year there is a $25 exchange fee each time after the first exchange.

Can we do another 9 months rental?
Yes after the first 9 month program you can do another 9 months at the same rate plus you get the summer rent for free.  Restrictions apply.  Must pay for another 9 months before the first nine months rent ends.

What brand do we rent?
All the major brands like Bach, Bundy, Selmer, Gemienhardt, Yamaha, Conn, King, Pearl, Jupiter, Armstrong, Olds, Ludwig, CB, Aubert, Classmate, Mathias Thoma and more

Do we do repairs?
Yes we do repairs.  We can fix most minor repairs in store  while you wait.  If you have damage coverage (D/C) repairs are FREE as well as free loaners or exchanges.  If you do not have D/C you pay for all repairs and you pay for loaners.

Does it include accessories?
All of the instruments include (where applicable) case, mouthpiece, cleaning rod, fine tuners, drum sticks, mallets, practice pads, drum stands, bows, etc.

What else will I need to purchase?
We do sell all of the optional accessories at DISCOUNT PRICES reeds, cork grease, swabs, oils, rosin, extra strings, music stands, soft cloths and books etc.

Do schools provides the method book?
If the school has enough of the method book they may provide a copy for your student.  That book must be returned to the school at the end of the school year.  Many of the school teachers have requested that we encourage you to buy a copy of the book for home practice 

They are available as low as $8.99.

How to videos on the basics of band instruments

How to Flute


Alto Sax, piccolo, Cello, curved headjoint or open hole flutes, snare/bell kit dual combo kit
9 month plan-189.95
1 month plan-$39.95

9 month plan new instrument $299

Bassoon and 4 valve Euphonium, New Tubas, New Bass rentals available on a very limited basis
$499 for 9 months


Alto Clarinet. Bass Clarinet, Upright Bass, Tuba, Baritone Saxophone (Specialty)

9 month plan $399.95
1 month plan $79.95

9 month plan new instruments $499

How to Clarinet

Instrument  rentals

from $99 for

9 months

Optional Damage Coverage $5.99 per month on most instruments.
$10 per month level II and specialty instruments like cello, bass, baritone,oboe, bassoon etc.

Damage coverage covers repairs needed from accidents and normal wear and tear. Includes free loaners.  If an instrument is damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced there is a $75 deductible. Supplies such as violin strings are not covered. $15 deductible on violin bows.  Does not cover loss of any kind. We recommend and the schools highly recommend the damage coverage.

If you do not get the damage coverage you are responsible for all repairs no matter if repair is needed from normal wear and tear or accidents.  Average playing condition repair fee is $85

Tenor Sax, French Horn, Oboe, Baritone horn

9 month plan $249.95
1 month plan 49.95

 9 months new $399

(Baritone and Euphonium Distinctions)
The baritone is a 1/2 or 3/4 size instrument.The Euphonium is a 4/4 size. The Baritone is more popular for  beginners, the euphonium is for the more advanced player.
The difference...
Baritones are considered to be cylindrical,  bore stays the same size until the bell flare. It is easier to maintain a tone for beginner players. Euphoniums are conical.  The bore becomes bigger throughout the instruments length. The tone is a bit darker than  baritone, and is more difficult to produce a full tone.