School's Out! Academy Of Rock with Mark Amberg

Mark Amberg's SOAR Summer Program

Mark returns in 2017 for 'School's Out! Academy of Rock.  This is a 2 week rock band program for preteens and teens.  Get on the wait list now to insure your spot.  Dates to be determined. 

Program designed to give students the experience of playing in a band along with the tools and skills needed to be successful at starting their own band and give them performance opportunities!  Meet for 3 hours a day for 2 weeks and perform a LIVE CONCERT on the final day at a local club!

Throughout the session you will build confidence through communication, balancing instruments and vocals, song selection and stage performance.  Students should be willing to work together with fellow musicians. They will be allowed input on song selections.  Everyone is expected to do their part by practicing at home and being open to constructive criticism.

Rehearsal space, amplifiers, microphones and PA system are provided. 

 ANNual Victor Litz Music Woodwind Quintet Camp

Led by performer/educator Nancy Switkes

Join us for an enjoyable, engaging, educational annual week of  woodwind ensemble music.


Music students 8th grade -12th grade with ensemble experience and private lessons on FLUTE ~ OBOE ~ CLARINET ~ BASSOON OR HORN.

with Performer / Instructor Nancy Switkes

Aug. 28-Sept. 1, 2017 11:00 am-2:30 pm
306 E. Diamond Ave., Gaithersburg
Students Requirements:
                1)  Going into 7th thru 12th grades, Sept. 2017
                      with band experience and private lessons
                2)  Be able to play: Two-Octave major scales up to three sharps and three flats,
                      except horn students who need to play in F, Bb and G major     (one octave or two)
Students will be asked to play an informal seating audition held at Victor Litz Music, by Wednesday, Aug. 16

Learn: ~  Ensemble-playing    ~  Playing in tune
                ~  Cueing ~  Better tone production
                ~  Fun team-building            


1 week, 2 hours a day.  (3 Ukulele camp dates.)
Get ready to learn quickly.  Uke is easy and fast. Songs the 1st day of camp!  Learn Pop, Folk,
Hawaiian and more.  Listen to learn and good chord transition techniques!   Easy to learn.  Easy to Play. Price $195.00

Kids love this because they learn so fast!

Victor Litz Music offerS Group Ukulele camps with Nani .
She is a self-taught ukulele player and has been playing the ukulele for over 40 years.

Her big music genre is Hawaiian music because of where she was born and raised in Hawaii.  She encourages students to relax and enjoy playing the ukulele.  Teaching style three fold:  1) listening to learn 2) good chord transition techniques and 3) economy of motion with strumming.

To keep students interest we choose songs that they want to learn besides songs that would help them in their learning.  I do not do a lot of music theory.  My concentration is for beginner ukulele players through intermediate lessons.  Individual and group lessons are available with Nani.    She leads the Monthly Maryland Ukulele Jam that meets right here in Gaithersburg!

Nani also leads the Litz  Ukulele Club every Wednesday, from 3:30-5:30, at Victor Litz Music Center. Individual lessons with Nani are also available.

Summer Rock Band Camps at Victor Litz Music Center for 2017.
All Camps are for 2 weeks. (10 days) The cost for each is $395.00. On the last day there is a LIVE performance! The venue is to be determined

Camp 1: Monday June 19th - Friday June 30. with Walter Umana time 10:30am - 1:30pm
Camp 2: Wednesday July 5th - Tuesday July 18th with Mark Amberg.
Times:10:30-1:30 & 2:00-5:00pm Mark will be Doing 2 Groups 1 morning 1 afternoon
Camp 3: Monday July 17th - Friday July 17th with Walter Umana Time 10:30 - 1:30pm

Victor Litz Music

Academy Of Rock Programs

Summer band camps 2017

now forming

Victor Litz Music Adult Academy Of Rock

Victor Litz Music offers an Adult Academy of Rock program for the adults.  This can be a group of adult musicians we put together or if you have a band that needs coaching we can arrange that as well.

Objective is to provide the student with the tools and guidance to achieve his or her own specific goals

We have been putting together adults of many skill levels to form fun and performance based bands the past 10 or more years.  Can meet in the evening or weekends with a live performance from time to time. Rehearsal space, amplifiers, microphones and PA system are provided.  For more information contact the Lesson Department at Victor Litz Music.

The Victor Litz Music Academy of Rock program (also known as School's Out! Academy of Rock) is a group rock band lessons program.  We offer this for the younger age students from ages 8-18 as well as for the Adult.  We offer programs year round.  After school and evenings during the school year and 1 and 2 week band camps during the summer months.  Contact our lessons department at 301-948-7478 or for more information.

At Victor Litz Music we aspire to make your lessons an enjoyable educational experience. We strive to assist each student in achieving his or her goals while becoming proud well rounded musicians who share our passion for the art.

After School Academy Of Rock Program

Walter Umana heads up this After School Program

The After School Academy Of Rock group rock band lessons program is offered during the school year.  It is only $100 a month (only $50 a month if you are enrolled in our private lessons programs) This program is for guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, singers, brass, woodwinds and strings. You get 1.5 hours of group rock band lessons a week with an occasional public performance at local clubs, schools, parks etc.

This has been taking place on Monday and Wednesdays. Walter will be offering 1 and 2 week summer programs as well when school is out.